Hello and welcome to my blog at “PatrickBaumann.com,” a personal blog1 about career and life written from the perspective of an engineer recently out of college. I am a graduate from a moderately-sized state university in central Minnesota as well as a new resident in the great state of California (budgets be damned, this place is still a joy to live). I recently graduated from Carnegie Mellon University’s software engineering Master’s program.

Prior to graduating with a degree in Computer Engineering, I interned with and was eventually hired full-time by The Boeing Company in Anaheim, CA. I have since taken a job at Amazon.com working on the Amazon Appstore for Android as well as the ever present side gig(s).

I use this site to share what I learn as well as some of my ramblings and rants about all things science / tech. So bookmark or subscribe to my blog and I will do my best to keep you entertained and at the very least, keep from annoying you.

1: Being a nerd, I tend to hit most trends at or near the end of their popularity. Creating a blog is no different.

One thought on “About”

  1. Hy Mr. Patrick Baumann!

    I am also pursuing an undergrad degree in Software Engineering at SCSU. This is my second semester. I am very impressed by reading about your marvelous academic and professional life achievements. I really enjoyed reading it.

    As you have successfully gone through all the process (community college to SCSU to Amazon to Boeing to prestigious Carnegie Mellon University and now finally Google) so, I would like to take your advice, How to make a great Rusme before graduation and what are the skills that i should master?

    Thank you so much in anticipation,
    Waiting for your sincere advice.

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