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And So It Begins…

Hello and welcome to my blog at “PatrickBaumann.com,” a personal blog1 about career and life written from the perspective of an engineer recently out of college. I am a graduate from a moderately-sizedĀ state university in central Minnesota as well as a new resident in the great state of California (budgets be damned, this place is still a joy to live).

Prior to graduating with a degree in Computer Engineering, I interned with and was eventually hired full-time by The Boeing Company in Anaheim, CA. In trying to transition from full-time student to full-time employee and from Midwesterner to Californian I am learning a lot about people, my career, and myself that I thought might be useful and interesting to those who will be or have been in situations similar to mine.

I plan to share what I learn as well as some of my ramblings and rants about all things science / tech. So bookmark or subscribe to my blog and I will do my best to keep you entertained and at the very least, keep from annoying you.

1: Being a nerd, I tend to hit most trends at or near the end of their popularity. Creating a blog is no different.